Blue Exorcist Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed

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  • Gregory Sewpersaud

    First hehexd get out

  • moonblaster

    second XD

  • ShadowCassy

    ok third place for me

  • Insert Name Here:

    god damn i came to late.

    • Loner Lili Jung

      Just downald the episode.


  • Loner Lili Jung

    Hi Guys,Just downald the video you won’t face any problems.

  • Loner Lili Jung

    Looking forward ep 7 and 8.

  • Loner Lili Jung

    2 hours left…

  • RaDiOAcTiVe

    57 mins bois

  • ShadowC0N

    There wasn’t much fighting, but I still enjoyed this ep! I’m glad Shiemi realized there’s nothing to worry about with Rin. I just hope the others see that as well. And call me weird, but I kinda like the relationship between Suguro and Rin. Kinda reminds me of Naruto and Sasuke (Vegeta and Goku, Natsu and Gray, or even Ichigo and Renji).

    • Alan Austin

      No it was more naruto and sasuke during the great war when sasuke also wanted to be hokage like suguro also wanted to kill satan

      • ShadowC0N

        True true. Naruto didn’t want Sasuke to bear that burden alone and shut himself off from people. Suguro was angry with Rin for trying to fight alone. The feels! Haha

  • Erik Alonso

    For the second their, I though Rin is about to be executed by the Vatican. But with the Impure King reborn once more and yet Todo is still nowhere to be found yet. And another thing missing is that when Rin was about to draw out the Koma sword, it wouldn’t budge. What’s happening to the sword that Rin can’t draw out?

    • Ryan Moore

      wow, that spoils a whole episode.. cunt

    • Kris

      @erik did you even watch the whole episode? also @ryan why would you even scroll to the comments before watching the episode?

  • harley jaymaxwell gregory

    i hope the next episode is better season 2 is gonna be awesome