Blue Exorcist Season 2 Episode 4 Subbed

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About This Video :
Episode no. – Blue Exorcist Season 2, Episode 4
Episode Title – “Act of Treachery”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Who is betraying the Myoda sect? Without high priest Tatsuma in attendance, the general meeting falls into chaos and ends without a conclusion. As Suguro resolves to find and question his father, he witnesses someone sneaking into the Kyoto field office…

  • moonblaster

    first comment XD
    of the ep 4 XD

  • raisincookie

    second :3

  • Zenithial

    Three’s a lucky number?

    • moonblaster

      i guess

  • Shannon

    Only 14 hours

  • Nina Hopkins

    this shit takes too long ;-;

  • Thaldran

    tbh i’m really disliking season 2 so far

  • Erik Alonso

    Wow. I trust Rin, but I still don’t understand why Sugoru and the others are scared of him, except Shiemi. And another thing for Sugoru made a regretful way of only damaging himself, to his father and Rin’s friendship asunder.

  • jacob

    This episode gave me the Chills man…

  • fay

    really but i feel like i wouldn’t hate hilters kid like he didn’t have anything to do with anythin like idk not realistic but then its an anime about demons and shizz anyway love the anime and manga cant wait for the next ep

  • bacon macon

    Its Lit -Travis Scott