Blue Exorcist Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed

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About This Video :
Episode no. – Blue Exorcist Season 2, Episode 3
Episode Title – “Suspicion Will Raise Bogies”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – As Bon, Konekomaru and Shiemi try to deal with their responses to recent events, Yaozo summons the family heads of the Myoda sect. As they discuss the incident with the Right Eye, the group begins to question the mysterious actions of Head Priest Tatsuma.

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    3 days till next episode

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    waitin 7hrs left

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    i love weed…

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      I love boobs ^^

  • Margarida Alves

    An awesome episode!!!!! Love you “Ao no Exorcist”!!!!

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  • Rea Sarian

    anyone else super annoyed that she didn’t even have blood on her summoning circle, and then called herself useless?