Blue Exorcist Season 2 Episode 12 Subbed [END]

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Episode no. – Blue Exorcist Season 2, Episode 12
Episode Title – “Candid and Open”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The sight of a blue flame burning in the night sky is reminiscent of “Blue Night,” but has brought about a completely different result. Now that the incidents relating to the Impure King have been concluded, those affected are moving on.

  • Matthieu Gagnier


  • Jonathan Malmstrom

    Already hoping for another season!

    • Giovanni

      Season 3 was announced for 2018.

  • demon89

    oh hell ya season 3 coming out next i cant wait to see it

  • teabluejeans


  • Skull On Fire Dangerous


  • Erik Alonso

    So I guess that’s it. Still I wonder what happened to Mr. Todo that got away again, probably he’s still out there or went back to Gehenna. Rin always wanted to be a stronger exorcist like Yukio, including there father, Shiro. Even if he’s still the son of Satan. He’s still wants to protect the ones he loved.

  • Alessandro

    wtf 12 episode and then season 3 next year why why why

    • Jack Spade

      season 3 is gonna be epic if they include the illuminati arc

      • snailpoop

        Eyebrow’s arc is going to be lit af.

  • Jack Spade

    at 10:16 why did rin call yukio “brother” (niichan)????

    • SpicyCupcake

      Because they are brothers? XD

      • Vasisht Suresh

        yukio us the first name it isnt the last name of them both. They are the Okamura brother

    • Kelvin Roman Lau

      Rin was referring to himself when he said “niichan”
      “niichan, I, have something to tell you”

  • ShadowC0N

    I have mixed feelings about Yukio. I understand he wants to honor his father’s wishes and protect Rin, but his self hatred is getting annoying when he lashes out at Rin. With that being said, I still love this show and the characters. I’ve been wondering what is going on with Mephisto and his ultimate plan. Kinda reminds me of Orochimaru. Let’s go, season 3!!

    • Elusive

      Rin is Mephisto’s puppet while Yukio is Saburota’s puppet, next season.

      • ShadowC0N

        Lies! Lol jk. Interesting

  • GamesKeeper

    i just want more mamushi and juzo

  • Amy Newman

    I just finished season 2 and I can’t stop fangirling! A few parts were annoying on how it’s basically an alternate story line starting about halfway through season 1, but the story itself was really good! I wish it had taken this same basis but made it more like a sequal to the original series, but all and all I’m really looking forward to season 3!!!

  • fay

    they better actually release season 3 next year not like the ridiculous gap between the first two

  • Soul arts

    rin got rekted he got the worst friend zone getting friend zone is worst getting kicked in the private part but still waiting for season 3

  • Mark van der Kamp

    when did this second season come out ? and any idea if there are any plans for a dub ?

  • BigBoyWes

    So Rin chooses to be human, and Yukio chooses to become the demon. What a twist.

  • 滝 [ Taki ]

    That permanent friend zone. Rip. X,D

  • Pluto Hades

    I’m curious how powerful is this Mephisto? He’s never once been scared or worried no matter how dangerous the situation gets…..